Niklas Steiner

Mobile Native Storytelling – UPC focuses on the next generation of mobile advertising

Native, dynamic and dramatic: The Mobile Native Storytelling Ads, newly developed by Digitalsunray, combine all these qualities into one ad and present the UPC TV platform Horizon in all its diversity. They were advertised in the Digitalsunray network in the TV-Media and laola1.atApps.

It’s no secret that companies are constantly looking for new and creative ways to advertise products and tell their stories. The intentions of storytelling, that is, “story telling,” can be very diverse. From the information transfer to the foundation of pleasure and entertainment. All this is combined in our Mobile Native Storytelling Ads.


Native integration meets interactivity

The TV platform Horizon from UPC stands for the next TV generation, Digitalsunray for the Native Storytelling of the next generation of mobile advertising. The new ad format adapts to the native form of the content of the platform and links various integrated advertising positions to a story. Dynamically fillable animated image-text combinations visualize the four main USP’s from Horizon – namely recording four programs at the same time, startover (break & rewind), with Horizon Go watching TV on several devices at the same time, as well as more programs in HD. A transparent overlay of the new brand testimonial, Michelle Hunziker, provides a surprise effect and curiosity.

The native involvement in the context and the interactivity of the ad will definitely be a fix part of many other mobile campaigns in the future.



14. 12. 2016