Niklas Steiner

BILLA APP PUSH and our new Spotlight Targeting Advanced

Together with BILLA and OMD, the Spotlight Targeting Advanced campaign “BILLA APP PUSH” increased the download rate by 50 percent.

Our Spotlight Targeting Advanced product helps advertisers to identify and target their audience and their interests based on hyper-local targeting more accurately by targeting a customer who visit a spot twice before the advertising contact.

In order to reach the highest possible download rate of the Billa App in the target group of the regular buyers, this was exclusively done to users, who had visited a Billa in Vienna in a defined period of time. On the basis of their stay, the relevant spotlights, coupled with their smartphone activities, they could be picked up again in other places, such as at home in front of the TV.

Jürgen Stecher, specialist for Digital Marketing at OMD, is delighted at the success of the campaign through creativity in the planning process. “We were able to achieve an increase in the download rate of 50 percent. The campaign is an example of creativity and performance in harmony and that creativity can be seen in performance goals. ”


Find the Billa App here!

Billa pusht mit Targeting App – Werbeplanung.at


03. 05. 2017