Doris Grabner


We signed it! The Code of Conduct (CoC) Programmatic Advertising for the GSA area.

Short and crispy summarized:

The CoC includes measures for DSP, SSP and data providers. This is intended to strengthen the quality of the program and provide transparency for all participants. The best thing about it is that the claims have been defined identically in all three countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria). The self-commitment seal as well as the complaints office and committee are exercised by the IABs or in Germany by BVDW. If one submits to the CoC Programmatic Advertising in one of the three countries of the GSA area, the addendum can extend the scope to the other two countries. Convenient!

That’s it. If you want to know more, you can find more detailed information on the IAB-Austria site. You will find the link right after this.

Source and more info: IAB-Austria



29. 06. 2017