Gerhard Guenther

Gold Medal at Golden Award of Montreux

The Golden Award of Montreux is an independent forum committed to improving the standard of creative excellence. It is the kick of of a series of creative competitions in Europe each year.

Digitalsunray was awarded a Gold Medal at their first entry together with DDB Tribal Vienna!

Gold was awarded for the Henkel/Pattex “Rubberband Ad” in the category Digital / Interactive:

Main category digital/ interactive Winners 2014


Try it out yourself: creativeoutput.at/pattex


The jury 2014 consisted of personalities from 19 countries, among them CEOs of advertising agencies, Creative Directors, Global Marketing and Communication Managers of international clients, Media Designers, Professors of Communications and Directors, evaluating entries in 7 main categories: TV/Cinema, Print, Poster, Direct Marketing, Digital / Interactive, Media and Event.


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08. 05. 2014