Interactive HTML5 rich media banner campaign in the UK attracting UK users to get in touch with the city of Vienna as a preferred tourist attraction in a playful manner.

Vienna Tourist Board

Field of business

Campaign goal
Raise awareness for Vienna as favourite city tourism destination

Project | Requirements
Development of an interactive HTML5 Mobile Marketing campaign

Target group
Travellers from the UK

Attract travellers from the UK to come to Vienna and inform themselves via the mobile portal of the Vienna Tourist Board m.wien.info.

Interactive HTML5 banner, full screen, designed as overlay in the shape of a foggy day as hommage to the bad weather in the UK. Users could get rid of the fog on their smartphone display via swipe-effect leading them to a stunning view of the Viennese  Schönbrunn palace in the autumn sun and blue sky.

Advertising medium
Rich media preload banner raising awareness in the relevant target group and leading users directly to the landing page. The perfect mix of simplicity, creativity and usability contributed to the success of the campaign with click through rates (CTRs) beyond 12%.

Campaign mechanism
- Interactive
- Direct link to mobile portal
- Campaign landing page with raffle game