WU Executive Academy

The first true responsive banner for smart phone, tablet and desktop PC introduced by Digitalsunray

WU Executive Academy

Field of business
University, postgraduate education

Project | Requirements
Development of banner designs and implementation of different formats

Target group
Management, C-Level, international/CEE

Raise awareness for MBA programs through eye-catching banners focused on target group

Based on the CI of the WU Executive Academy – one of the leading providers of post graduate education programs in CEE – we developed different banner formats (static, Flash, HTML5). One of the central elements was the Responsive Banner. The idea of a “one size fits all”-banner was immanent for Digitalsunray as a mobile marketing specialist. Thus a campaign for smart phones, tablets and online could be established with only one single responsive creative. The development of this HTML5-creative for all digital channels helped streamlining the process and therefore optimizing the costs. The achieved success proves this campaign right. “Our MBA info sessions reached an outstanding registration rate“, says Rupert Markowski, Head of Marketing at the WU Executive Academy. To emphasize the cross-media-approach a design-matching big-screen animated creative at the Vienna International Airport was launched at the same time.

Link to Responsive Banner (for smart phone, tablet or online browser)


Service at a glance
- Design and development of creatives
- Responsive HTML5 banners
- static and dynamic creatives
- Big-screen ad for airport