Doris Grabner


December 2016 is just around the corner and we have developed a creative as well as an easy solution for everyone.

Here are 24 reasons why you have to love our Advent Calendar:

  1. The Creative User Interface is ready, set, go.
  2. 24 boxes, which can be filled with products, discounts, information or coupons.
  3. Branding and Awareness objectives can be achieved creatively.
  4. Existing and new customers will be addressed and integrated continuously within 24 days.
  5. Lead Generation through direct links to the online shop.
  6. HTML5, because anything else would be so 2015! 😀
  7. Simple user interface mechanism.
  8. The Responsive Design is optimized for Smartphone, Tablet and Desktop.
  9. Designed for iOS and Android. But Windows Phone is available on request.
  10. Works on all major browsers on the web too.
  11. Extensions to other platforms are possible.
  12. Other browsers also possible.
  13. We take over the complete project management, from concept to evaluation.
  14. In-house graphics are welcome. However, a graphic realization by us is not a problem.
  15. Testing and Reporting included!
  16. We take care of hosting.
  17. Additional buttons for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. are no problem.
  18. The Advent Calendar is with its interactive interface a dynamic and active way during the pre-Christmas period.
  19. Incorporation of additional animations is possible.
  20. A tracking of interactions can be integrated.
  21. Direct links to the online store or the landing page of your choice.
  22. We have years of experience in developing safe and creative solutions for all devices.
  23. We love what we do.
  24. When booking, there’s not only an exciting project but also a chocolate Nikolaus FREE of charge on top! 🙂

Please contact our highly motivated colleague tanja.atesman@digitalsunray.com or +43 (0)660 673 24 96.

29. 09. 2016