Marko Göls

ADvantage is IAB compliant!

Digitalsunray is proud to announce that we have completed the process for our rich media advertising SDK & framework ADvantage to become an IAB (International Advertising Bureau) certified company. The IAB Compliance Seal is the official tool to ensure customers and potential customers know your products are compliant with IAB standards and guidelines.

The IAB’s Compliance Seal program assures advertisers that their brands are safe and offers transparency to the marketplace enabling agencies to quickly and easily run creative across applications from different publishers.

As part of the compliance process, Digitalsunray conducted an intensive internal audit of its rich-media SDK ADvantage and assigned a dedicated test team to meet the stringent criteria set forth in the IAB’s Compliance Seal program.

IAB standards and guidelines give advertisers and their agencies the ability to develop advertising content with consistent specifications that are accepted by most leading interactive publishers. This leads to greater efficiencies for the digital ad-creation and media-buying communities, thereby increasing the value of doing business with IAB compliant publishers.

What does that mean?

The alignment of ADvantage to international IAB standards is important for creative developers and publishers guaranteeing them that ADvantage is able to correctly interpret and display creatives provided in IAB standard (e. g. Mobile Rich-media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID) and Digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST)).

Creatives compliant with MRAID have the ability to be displayed on all MRAID-compliant platforms giving developers, advertisers and agencies a level of trust that their standardized campaign is running smoothly.

VAST is designed for any on-demand video player where the ad response is parsed prior to play ans is meant to accommodate the majority of current practices within the digital video advertising business.

IAB Mobile Rich-media Ad Interface Definitions Compliance Seal IAB Mobile Rich-media Ad Interface Definitions Compliance Seal

IAB Universal Ad Package Compliance Seal IAB Rich Media Creative Compliance SealIAB Rich Media Creative Compliance Seal
IAB Compliance Seals for ADvantage 2.0

22. 11. 2013