Marko Göls

Diversity Management for Smartphones?

Diversity is in the nature of Mother Nature. But how about mobile devices and does it have an impact on my business?

Well – at this stage this might be already the wrong question. As there are more than 6,500 (and still growing) different models of mobile devices out there. All capable of bringing brand experience via websites to its users.

Device fragmentation is growing – that’s for sure. As this situation is no issue for native apps, the provider of mobile websites and portals have to deal with this situation. Due to the fact that different devices from different vendors have their own interpretation of how to display content (or even refuse to show certain content formats), it is crucial for website owners to know visitor’s device capabilities.

Whereas the majority of marketing experts agree that providing optimized content for a smooth mobile experience is getting more and more important, the effort to customize the mobile presence is often underestimated or even not considered. It is taken for granted, that all devices all over the planet are supported. This is impossible due to the amount of devices.

The good news is here: There are agencies out there, who have tools in use to support the diversity management of mobile devices. Due to specialized databases a sufficient number of devices can be detected and mobile website developers can react on these information.

Nevertheless there will be a trade-off between site adaption and costs. You may therefore want to start with the top devices of the relevant vendors plus some additional smartphones you already identified as relevant for your community. After publishing the first version of your mobile site an analysis phase helps identifying more exotic devices, which were probably not perceived in the first place.

In an ongoing improvement process the website evolves not only in terms of device support but also in user experience.
As devices are evolving so should your mobile web appearence. With an accurate device detection and an appropriate maintenance process supporting the “diversity management” of smartphones you are on the save side to cover users expectations and brand experience.

06. 08. 2013