Marko Göls

Explore Vienna with Open Government Data

We love Vienna! We love Open Data! We expressed that by building a native app called hereinVienna.

Our homage to Vienna and Open Data emerged from experiences we had in former projects and brings up a stylish view on interesting and uncommon places. Based on personal preferences the app suggest POIs out of more than 20 filters, which are all retrieved from Vienna’s Open Government Data sources.

Users can explore surrounding POIs via native map, list view, augmented reality and routing function and get detailed information. Because beside the OGD-information POIs are also linked to Wikipedia entries and free Flickr images. Thanks to the Creative Common license – developed since 2001 – a framework for the utilization of user footage is possible. In the full sense of freely available information hereinVienna provides an exciting insight into Vienna’s open information culture.

If users like a certain spot – which is hardly surprising in the world’s most livable city* – they can share it on Twitter or Facebook.

Here are 5 OGD filters we like:

– Hot Spots of Vienna
– Castles
– Natural monuments
– City walks
– Vienna’s markets

See a detailed data description on data.gv.at.

So Version 1 is out in the App-Store. Android will follow soon. But in our development lab we already puzzle on new features.


* Mercer-Studie „Quality of Living 2014“

06. 08. 2014