Barbara Titz

Lost / not lost in Tuscany

How I fell in love with Italy and my smartphone all over again.

Tuscany: Breathtaking landscapes, great food, excellent wines …

It’s beautiful there but I have to tell you, it’s also the place “where the streets have no names” and you get lost very easily. We were just driving for 2 hours from the airport to our accommodation but our rented car didn’t include a navigation system … we panic!

So thank god for smartphones and google-maps! (then when you’re really close, ask an old man taking a walk and try to figure out what he just said in very quick italian (there’s an app for that, too) …)

We forgot to buy a guide book but I found a great blog about the area on the internet and bookmarked it. Thanks to that blog we found a really nice secluded beach and some other great insider tips.

I took literally thousands of photos with my smartphone and put them online almost immediatly so my friends at home could be envious enough …

Restaurant Guides, Flight-Check-in via mobile, … I could go on and on, my smartphone was of great help and fun to use.

The why.

Because I used websites made for mobile use and apps. It’s like someone was already awaiting me to “surf by”:

First of all this someone provided me with a mobile version of his website. So I didn’t have to zoom in and search around like a lunatic.

This someone had thought about what my needs will be when I’m on the go and need information quickly and put the really important things on top of the app/mobile website or put them in an easy to find, easy to navigate menue section.

He put the address there and on a simple click lead me to a map that provided me with a route.

A telephone number that I only have to click and then my smartphone instantly calls the number.

Pictures that give me a clue what a venue will look like before I go there.

The possibility for interaction.

All written in big enough font sizes, with a good enough contrast. With big enough buttons and links so even the finger of a basketballplayer could target them.

You know, as in spending a holiday, we’re going to unknown places with our smartphones, courious and with high expectations.

If someone already awaits us there, we feel welcome.

If someone anticipates our wishes we start to feel comfortable and valued.

If someone makes us feel at home instead of feeling lost, we’ll always come back.


And don’t forget pretty! “Pretty” makes us feel good like watching the sun go down like an orange ball behind the soft hills of tuscany …

12. 08. 2013