Marko Göls

Out of the ADvantage laboratory

Time is on my side – for the Rolling Stones this is still amazingly true.

But in commercially driven projects with customers, who can’t wait to get a product and developers, who proudly want to ship their masterpiece, this is truly false.
And as the release date of the brand new ADvantage 2.0 is very close, we want to share some highlights of the product here.

There are several cool topics to talk about – starting from our new development process, which made the new product even more customer-driven, to the new concepts, which are possible to implement, when developing a product from scratch. Yes, we completely revamped ADvantage based on the extensive know-how and learnings we collected over the years while deploying this software at client’s side.

Many improvements and technical innovations are nearly ready for shipment to utilize our client’s business:

*drum roll*

Highlights for ADvantage 2.0

  • Complete new software architecture including a plugin system for easy future extensions
  • SDK support for iOS, Android and Windows Phone (yes, we’re ready and Blackberry is on the way!)
  • Support of MRAID standard
  • Support of HTML5
  • Native device support of GPS, accelerometer, compass, SMS, calendar-reminder and many more
  • Lot’s of new features and information for SDK implementers and creative designers
  • Complete new wiki documentation with examples for easy and fast deployment

Wow – can’t believe this is going to be released in nearly a month!

Stay tuned for more information and get ready for ADvantage 2.0 – a new way for presenting rich-media-ads on a cross-platform level. Interactive, emotional, performance based and instantly!

Directly out of the ADvantage laboratory

04. 09. 2013