Marko Göls

Recap – Mobile Advertising Summit 2015

On the 21st of April the first Mobile Advertising Summit took place in Berlin. Gerhard presented innovative showcases from Digitalsunray and made some bright eyes and astonished faces. The incredible possibilities of Mobile Advertising…

As previously announced in this ADZINE-Article, Gerhard also found some tougher words.

Gerhard Günter am Mobile Advertising Summit 2015

Gerhard Günter again presents exciting ad formats from the Digitalsurnay Mobile Creatives Lab.

Welche Ads bleiben im Gedächtnis?

Which ads get attention?

Kulturbrauerei Berlin

Cool presentation, cool ambience  – Kulturbrauerei Berlin


Find the whole article here: https://www.adzine.de/2015/04/recap-vom-mobile-advertising-summit-2015-programmatic-gegen-fragmentierung-mobile/

29. 04. 2015