A mobile micro site based on Digitalsunray’s concept “Movie-Kit” for film buffs


Field of business
Film business

Project | Requirements
Concept and Implementation of a mobile micro site for the blockbuster movie RoboCop

Target group
Youth, film fans

Mobile promotion of the movie remake RoboCop through a micro sit for smart phones and support of the mobile advertising campaign for Germany and Austria

Especially for the film industry Digitalsunray developed the concept of the so-called Movie-Kit. It offers a module based approach to assemble standard web site elements like video containers, menu, social media integration, etc. With this solution a responsive campaign or a micro site for fast, viral promotion activities on smart phone, tablet or Desktop-PC can be arranged with only a view clicks. The page, respectively the template, was developed in HTML5 to support interactive and animated web elements to attract the attention of the user.

As a special interactive mobile feature a tilt-effect was integrated into the home page, which presented the film poster in different segments when the user tilts his device.

Web link (open with smart phone)

For our mobile RoboCop micro site we were awarded by Mobile Marketing Welt as TOP 5 Mobile Marketing Campaign February 2014.

Service at a glance
- Mobile micro site for smart phones in HTML5
- Deployment of the Movie-Kit concept