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Two students from the FH of the BFI Vienna

FH of the BFI Vienna

Fresh wind, new clothes and strong communication


The FH of the BFI Vienna has existed for more than 20 years. Following the new communication strategy, a comprehensive renewal of the appearance should be developed. Both the branding and the associated offline and online communication was put to the test, as well as the website and presence on all other digital channels.

Plan/ Design/ Build/ Grow

Digitalsunray was chosen to rethink the logo as well as to translate the CI of the college into a contemporary, fresh language.

Based on the new CI, the website design was developed and implemented in a flexible CMS. Special attention was paid to the balance between flexibility for content managers and structural clarity for information and branding. In addition, special attention was given to accessibility according to the WCAG / WAI standard and search engine optimization. As a result, the new CI was also designed for all digital channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, etc.).

After the launch of the new website in a new guise, the application took center stage. Digitalsunray was here - in the spirit of full-service thought - in addition to the conception of the media plan also responsible for the production of all advertising materials. Based on the young target group, we developed a digital 360 ° marketing concept that included HTML5 banners for the online / mobile area, video files for Gewista Citylights and Infoscreen, and AdWords for Google. In order to reach the target group in a targeted manner, we opted for a mix of hyperlocal targeting and geo-targeting and flankingly conducted social media campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, XING) for specific target groups.


Due to our full-service aspiration, we were able to accompany the FH of the BFI Vienna from the beginning. A very exciting process resulted in the implementation of the website and the application of the Open Days (information event for applicants). On the campaign side we were also able to implement playful and creative advertising formats (Swipe Ad) so that the new message and the USP of the FH could be carried directly to the target group.

The result: More applicants for the degree programs!


FH of the BFI Vienna


Branding, Design, Development, SEO, Mediaplan, Advertisement Creation, SEA


Education, Postgraduate Training, College

Image rights: FH des BFI Wien


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