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Oster-Kamagne Dr. Oetker
The playful approach allows not only a high interaction rate, but also the playful getting to know the target group with the variety of the product range of BABYWELL.
The compass navigation disassembles into their individual parts. Each direction leads to a special topic group.
Digitalsunray describes with an eagle and duck why Digitalsunray is a good employer
Digitalunrays customer Carpediem and our newly invented mobile advertising format the Emotion Ad
Digitalsunray schreibt über das Projekt mit der WU Executive Academy und stellt die Kompassnavigation als mobile Desigs vor
It is the Corner Ad of Digital Unity presented which pushes videos in the corner of a cell phone when you continue scrolling

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Two students from the FH of the BFI Vienna

FH of the BFI Vienna

Fresh wind, new clothes and strong communication