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Digitalsunray mobiles Website Design die Kompassnavigation mit der man in jede Himmelsrichtung wischt um zu einem MenĂ¼ zu kommen

WU Executive Academy

The birth of the compass navigation


The target group of the WU Executive is educated, open for new things and above all digital and mobile affine.

Digitalsunray was commissioned to target the website of this exceptional educational institution (# 45 worldwide / # 4 DACH region *) for this target group, to design a fresh design approach and to fully exploit the potential - a solid brand and strong imagery.

*) Financial Times Executive MBA Ranking 2018

Plan/ Design/ Build/ Grow

After intensive analysis, Digitalunray has shown ways in the design process how a Mobile First approach works. We accompanied the internal discussion process in order to strengthen the acceptance of the new concept in the organization. In the implementation of the HTML templates and in the quality assurance of the functional requirements, we have made our contribution to the successful launch of the new website.

The new digital design of the WU Executive Academy was the basis for the digital advertising development, which is also constantly being implemented by Digitalsunray.


The result is a flexible mobile-first approach that provides a reliable framework for the user experience with recurring design elements. With a fresh concept for the information needs of the users, but also for the communication needs of the WU Executive Academy, this project was successfully implemented.


WU Executive Academy


Education, Business School, Postgraduate Training


Concept, Design, Template-Development, Implementation Support

The main menu of the mobile website of the WU Executive on which all 4 menu points in the 4 cardinal points can be seen

compass navigation

As part of the website relaunch, we have developed a completely new way of user guidance for the smartphone. The so-called compass navigation.

The compass navigation takes into account the powerful imagery of the WU Executive Academy and enables quick immersion into the core topics using the four cardinal directions, in which users can navigate on the mobile phone with a simple swipe gesture.

Image rights: WU Executive Academy, Roland Halbe, Digitalsunray


Desktop website design for our client KIBOX


The convenient way of storage