Doris Grabner


We’ve moved! Yippie!

We left a lot of things (little things, no colleagues), we packed a lot and celebrated the farewell from our old office in the Otto-Bauer-Gasse. After a week at the new rooftop domicile in the 1st district of Vienna, we have learned some new things. Here we go!

  1. The first impression counts. Therefore, we have a monument-protected office with noble entrance. In Gonzagagasse 11 (designed by Carl Tietz – teaching material every second) we have a wall fountain with a female figure “Quelle”, which welcomes us and our guests. Apperently there are a lot of hidden fountains to visit at the Ringstraße!
  2. We will be much more athletic. 148 steps must be mastered if you decide against the elevator. This is a lot, especially if you (like our highly motivated CEO Gerhard) run every time! We salute you. In addition, the walk to kitchen or to the toilet feel 100 times longer than before. The Business Run can come!
  3. We feel comfortable in the open space office. In case of disputes, however, we are well equipped with the 3 tips for more peace in an open space office from karriere.at.
  4. The weather changes throughout the day. We have not noticed that all these years in the mezzanine! In the past week it was to a maximum of 32.6 ° C. Luckily with the new air conditioning not that hard to bear. The plants (and of course we too) look forward to getting enough light (and sometimes you can just look out of the window and look at the sky).
  5. It works more easily with more space and premises. Anyone who has ever been to Otto-Bauer-Gasse knows how hard it was to get an empty meeting room. The number has tripled with the move now! We also have smaller rooms for important phone calls. We have to get used to this diversity…
  6. The Danube Canal is much more comfortable than the Mariahilferstrasse. Did you know that they tried to call him “Little Danube”? Thank God it din’t happen! By the way, there is a master plan to create a high quality recreation area and to make the positive effect of the water more intense. Ommmmm…
  7. We can relax after so much learning in the weekend! Click here.

We are now available at the following address. Come by for a coffee!

Digitalsunray Media GmbH
Gonzagagasse 11/25
A-1010 Vienna





30. 06. 2017