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Desktop website design for our client KIBOX


The convenient way of storage


Entering a hyper-local and competitive market is a challenge for everyone. Exactly for this reason KIBOX turned to us. It's not just about entering the market, but also designing and developing a new platform, as well as marketing a new service that takes the simplicity and convenience of storage to a new level.

Plan/ Design/ Build/ Grow

After intensive analysis of the market and the business model, Digitalsunray presented the customer KIBOX with a meaningful corporate identity, as well as a concept for a platform that leads users with a few clicks into a life full of space and freedom. In order to fulfill the customer's requirements as well as possible, we accompanied the internal discussion process and actively participated. With a great deal of attention to the Mobile First approach, which has accompanied us for more than 10 years, a platform has been developed that gives the customer flexibility in design. The recurring design elements also provide a reliable framework for user experience.

To market the brand introduction and the new modern platform, Digitalsunray has considered a 360 ° marketing concept to generate maximum attention, visibility and, above all, recognition value.


The conclusion we can draw is that the new KIBOX platform has been positively accepted by the market. By analyzing user behavior, we were able to further optimize the website and guide the project into operative operation.

Thanks to the 360 ° marketing concept, several thousand people became aware of the new platform within a very short time. Through analysis and optimization, KIBOX now knows more than ever which customers need their new service.




Concept, design, implementation and marketing


Storage, Self-Storage

The view of the KIBOX website on the various devices to show that the design is responsive

Cross Plattform

We think about all aspects of user experience. That's why it was important for us to design the new KIBOX platform so that potential customers had the best possible experience across all devices.

Excerpts from the produced video for SKIBOX on which the problem of storage is explained

Banner, Prerolls, Everything

To provide customers with a holistic solution, Digitalsunray has also taken on the challenge of marketing. Thanks to many years of experience in digital marketing, we quickly realized how we had to promote the KIBOX brand online. To promote the new approach to storage and the business, we've created meaningful display campaigns and supported them with animated videos. Through specific storytelling, the online campaign was perfectly rounded off.


A brown bear that stands for the campaign of the Four Paws for the rescue of bears

30th anniversary FOUR PAWS

Playing with emotions