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Where do I fit in as software engineer? Nice and shiny agency OR big international corporation?

This question arises often when hunting after your job of dreams. Here is a quick answer to this question.
And as a small topping: The answer to the question “why we at Digitalsunray are so special”.


The question of the specific advantages is of course subjective and many of the topics are held true in both worlds. But we wanted to have a snapshot of our team’s thoughts. Therefore we asked our development team, what they think, what makes Digitalsunray so special – and seriously: We are very proud of the answers!

The benefits overview


What makes Digitalsunray so special (answers from the Digitalsunray Dev Team)


We got your attention?
Then apply at and be part of a fantastic team!

Digitalsunray is a 100% privately hold full-service digital agency. We support our clients from the idea to the product marketing. We love Vienna.

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We’ve moved! Yippie!

We left a lot of things (little things, no colleagues), we packed a lot and celebrated the farewell from our old office in the Otto-Bauer-Gasse. After a week at the new rooftop domicile in the 1st district of Vienna, we have learned some new things. Here we go!

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Doris Grabner


We signed it! The Code of Conduct (CoC) Programmatic Advertising for the GSA area.

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Doris Grabner

Digitalsunray Media relies on Adello technology

After several years in Media planning, we are now expanding our cooperation with our partner Adello in Switzerland! In recent years, we’ve been able to experience the benefits of Adellos Machine Learning Platform through ongoing mobile campaigns. Together with our SDK, vCPM campaigns are now possible – without risk on the advertisers. With the introduction of Defender, this is added by the important measurement and reporting elements. With the agreed technology license, we can finally offer our customers the benefits of Adello technology in the GSA area.

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Niklas Steiner

BILLA APP PUSH and our new Spotlight Targeting Advanced

Together with BILLA and OMD, the Spotlight Targeting Advanced campaign “BILLA APP PUSH” increased the download rate by 50 percent.

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Doris Grabner


Thumbs up for our latest news! We are very pleased to officially announce our partnership with TV Media and the second Native Storytelling campaign for UPC in their App.

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Second round for our Christmas video!

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Niklas Steiner

Mobile Native Storytelling – UPC focuses on the next generation of mobile advertising

Native, dynamic and dramatic: The Mobile Native Storytelling Ads, newly developed by Digitalsunray, combine all these qualities into one ad and present the UPC TV platform Horizon in all its diversity. They were advertised in the Digitalsunray network in the TV-Media and laola1.atApps.

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Marko Göls

Smart CityCard App wins award

The Smart CityCard App was recognized by the jury for its innovative approach to mobile payment in the special category “Mobile Payment” at the MobileMonday DemoNight 2016. The iOS and Android Apps were designed and implemented by Netals AG from Digitalsunray.

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Doris Grabner

The iab Austria Showcase App is here!

The iab Austria Showcase App for Android and iOS is now available! We were very pleased to develop a tool for the mobile industry together with iab austria. We hope it will be fun for everyone. 🙂

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Niklas Steiner

An interactive guide through Tyrols Winter

Promotional products with added value – for the whole family! The Interactive Panorama Ad shows Tyrol from all sides.

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Niklas Steiner

ÖWA confirms: Mobile first.

It’s official: The current data of the Austrian Web Analysis Plus 2016 II display the enormous spread of mobile internet usage.

Internet usage on stationary devices continues to decline steadily. As the current analysis shows, already 7 out of 10 Austrians use the Internet mobile. This is particularly noticeable in the age group of 14 to 19-year-olds. For children and adolescents it has now become self-evident – a proud 95.7% of this age group use the Internet mobile. This is a trend that can be observed in almost all age groups and will continue.

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Doris Grabner


December 2016 is just around the corner and we have developed a creative as well as an easy solution for everyone.

Here are 24 reasons why you have to love our Advent Calendar:

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Gerhard Guenther

Römerquelle ‘Mixerl’ Drag & Drop Ad

‘Mix it Mobile’ was our mission in developing a new ad format for the current campaign ‘Römerquelle Emotion Mixerl’. We call our final output ‘Drag & Drop Ad’ – specifically developed for this campaign and strategically adapted for the needs of our client and the new product features.

Fresh fruits & herbs, wine and a bottle of Römerquelle Emotion– these are the ingredients for 5 new variations of this drink, among others named ‘Beerterl’ or ‘Mizerl’ guaranteeing an adventurous summer.
Our Drag & Drop Ad allows users to create their own ‘Mixerl’-drink dragging the ingredients interactively into a wine-glass thus experiencing the new recipies in a playful manner. We created a seperate ad for each of the 5 ‘Mixerl’-drinks corresponding to the respective ingredients.

More to find on

Doris Grabner

McDonald’s EURO2016 Spotlight-Targeting

Targeting and reaching your audience in the right local context? No problem!

Our new EURO2016 mobile campaign for McDonald’s was targeted at “soccer fans” in different relevant spotlights, such as sports bars and public viewings in Austria, reaching them later on at different locations again independent of time and place. Hyper local-geo-targeting combined with targeting on interests is the key to success!

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Gerhard Guenther

Coca-Cola „Meet&Greet“ with David Alaba

For the current Coca-Cola Meet&Greets-campaign with David Alaba for the EURO2016, we developed a Selfie Ad with a complex editing mechanics enabling a little virtual meeting with our superstar directly on your smartphone.

Your face can be placed in the scenery of the Alaba Meet&Greets either via uploading a selfie or a pic from your gallery. The polaroid-pic of you and David Alaba can then be saved easily via one-click as a souvenir photograph. A direct link to the raffle game opens up the chance to win a ‘real-life’ Meet&Greets with David.

See also:,coca-cola-mit-mobiler-meetgreet-kampagne.html

Doris Grabner


An adserver offers a lot of opportunities to integrate ads on websites. You’ll find the most common integrations for your page and their risks and side effects here.

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Marko Göls

Mobile first – Compass Navigation for WU Executive Academy

Digitalsunray develops completely new navigation concept for leading business school WU Executive Academy and breaks with classic responsive list view design.

The holy grail of web design – responsive design – was abused in the last years for nearly every content. Users have to scroll through endless list views of unstructured information – and are rewarded with thumb arthrosis. Possibilities and limitations of information presentation for smartphones was neglected. Time for Digitalsunray to question this concept and focus on the mobile usage of websites.

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Doris Grabner

Attention please: Google requires an AD DECLARATION for Apps

Dealing with apps every day makes us the perfect app specialist, wether for app push campaigns or for app development. We are always up to date and wish you a happy new year with the newest buzz from Google: the Google AD DECLARATION!

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Doris Grabner

COME ON, LET’S GO celebrate!

The “Jahr des Zu-Fuß-Gehens” [Year of Walking by foot] in Vienna (Austria) is unfortunately coming to an end. One reason to celebrate together with the Mobilitätsagentur a successful year 2015.

Digitalsunray can look back on a successful App development. Our “Wien Zu-Fuß-App” invited many Viennese people  to discover the city via pede. Maps, pedometer, treasure hunt with Augmented Reality and goodies included!

A picture is worth a thousand words:

wien zu fuß zahlen

More information about the App and the whole Vienna per pede campaign

Doris Grabner

“Mobile Advertising is the Future” – DSR @ Goldbach Austria Roundtable


was the theme of this week’s Goldbach Austria Roundtable in the 25-Hours-Hotel in Vienna. Digitalsunray Media was pleased to have been invited as an expert and experienced agency for Mobile Advertising to the panel discussion by Goldbach Austria.

In a comfy atmosphere with coffee and snacks our CEO Gerhard GUENTHER discussed the future trends of Mobile Avertising and Mobile Technologies in the international media landscape. Moderated by Maurizio Berlini from Goldbach Austria and by the side of MMA President Andreas Martin, Claudia Dreier-Poepperl of CIAmedia, Mathias Fanschek of Erste Bank and Sven Ruppert of Splicky, trends for the coming years were soon be found:

Mobile Marketing will be established as an own media genre. The trend is towards independent mobile design and natively integrated campaigns. Even regarding the amount of the recommended booking volume there was a simple tip from our CEO to all interested investers: “Use more!”

Images, presentations and more information can be found here: Goldbach Media

Gerhard Guenther

WebAd 2015

On October 8th the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) held their 13th award ceremony to honor the most creative, innovative and convincing digital productions of Austria at the IAB webAD 2015. Among 183 submitted productions in 20 categories, 50 earned gold, silver or bronze.

I am super super proud again of our team with Digitalsunray being among the winners again this year:

Digitalsunray was awarded bronze in the category ‘Apps & Mobile websites’ for our Bienen-Check App for our customer Global2000, as well as for our Coca-Cola KissAD in the category ‘Best mobile campaign’ together with MediaCom for which we have already been selected as best mobile marketing campaign earlier on this year in May (see our Blog).




Marko Göls

1st place for Coca Cola “Kiss Ad” ranked us as No. 1 in May for our HTML5 creative!

To promote the Coca Cola bottle birthday campaign  a fullscreen interstitial was developed by Digitalsunray. With a call-to-action “Kiss here!” an obvious emotional interaction is triggered. After the kiss the user can create his own Kiss Happiness Bottle.

Marko Göls

Mobile overtakes Desktop

It’s official! The trend of the last months and years is now reality. As reports, Google confirmed in a blog post, that there are more mobile search queries than from desktop. Thus, it’s internal google data the direction is more than clear: Mobile first!

Naturally, we are pleased and excited about the news!


See for details.

Marko Göls

Recap – Mobile Advertising Summit 2015

On the 21st of April the first Mobile Advertising Summit took place in Berlin. Gerhard presented innovative showcases from Digitalsunray and made some bright eyes and astonished faces. The incredible possibilities of Mobile Advertising…

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Marko Göls

Wir erobern “Wien zu Fuß”!

Digitalsunray setzt sich bei der von Havas Worldwide durchgeführten Ausschreibung durch und gewinnt die Umsetzung der App für “Wien zu Fuß” – eine Marke der Mobilitätsagentur Wien GmbH. Die Initiative ist die zentrale Anlaufstelle für alle Fußgänger und versteht sich als offener Think Tank, der es zum Ziel hat, den Fußverkehr in Wien noch attraktiver und sicherer zu machen.

Wien wächst und die Kapazität bei individualem und öffentlichem Verkehr scheint wie in anderen Metropolen an Grenzen zu stoßen. Mit dem bewussten Zufußgehen will man diesem Problem begegnen. Die App animiert dabei die User durch folgende Funktionen:

  • Schritte-Zähler
  • Einlösen der Schritte in Form von Gutscheinen bei Partnerunternehmen
  • Routing mit interessanten Plätzen in Wien, die es zu entdecken gilt
  • Eine Schatzsuche quer durch Wien – dem fleißigsten Schatzsucher winkt ein Hauptgewinn!

Wir freuen uns auf die Umsetzung!

Servus die Wadeln!

Gerhard Guenther

Top 5 Mobile Marketing Campaigns October

Digitalsunray is delighted to climb the top ladder of October’s mobile marketing campaigns — elected via mobilemarketingwelt.

Nürnberger Versicherung was advertising its new insurance product for golfer, the GARANTA24 Golfschutz, via the brand new interactive HTML5 Globe AD of Digitalsunray.

The main element of the campaign was formed by an interactive golf ball which could be rotated via swipe gestures thus revealing golf tee by golf tee the different isurance packages available for golfers. The Globe AD was produced in responsive design for smartphones, tablets and desktop usage. The gamification approach led to a stunning overall interaction rate of more than 50%!


See all top 5 campaigns in October. Have fun!

Marko Göls

The new ADvantage-SDK version 2.4.6 is here!

IAB MRAID 2 certified and iOS 8 and iPhone 6/6+ support included.

ADvantage – Digitalsunray’s rich media advertising platform – again is on the leading edge. As one of the first SDKs it is compliant to the MRAID 2 certification process, which was released by IAB one month ago. On top the SDK now iOS8 and the brand new iPhone 6/ 6+. As a new creative the Inline Video Ad is supported, which makes it possible to instantly show audiovisuals within the ad.

We are happy!


Gerhard Guenther

IAB webAD 2014: Gold and Silver

On September 18th the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) held their 12th award ceremony to honor the most creative, innovative and convincing digital productions of Austria at the IAB webAD 2014. Among 243 submitted productions, 36 earned gold, silver or bronze at the IAB webAD 2014: 8 times gold, 16 silver and 12 bronze.

Digitalsunray is delighted about 2 prizes. Digitalsunray was awarded Gold in the category ‘Online and Mobile Advertising’ as well as Silver in the category ‘Innovation’ together with DDB Vienna for our Henkel/Pattex “Rubberband Ad”.




Overview of all winners:


Marko Göls got a new mobile website shines with a new design on all smart phone browsers!

Digitalsunray implemented the new design, which is strongly aligned to the existing online website. Beside the popular accurate weather information the user now can watch new content like editorial weather articles or the weatherTV stream.
Also the affiliated page for Germany was refurbished with the news design.

Due to the extensive experience with we were able to implement the project within nearly one month. The project was in scope, time and budget – although we have bad weather forecast, the sun is shining in the Digitalsunray office! 🙂
[Weather Vienna, 26.08.2014, 19:00, fine rain, 20 degrees, wind SW 18km/h]

Mobile available at:

Marko Göls

Explore Vienna with Open Government Data

We love Vienna! We love Open Data! We expressed that by building a native app called hereinVienna.

Our homage to Vienna and Open Data emerged from experiences we had in former projects and brings up a stylish view on interesting and uncommon places. Based on personal preferences the app suggest POIs out of more than 20 filters, which are all retrieved from Vienna’s Open Government Data sources.

Users can explore surrounding POIs via native map, list view, augmented reality and routing function and get detailed information. Because beside the OGD-information POIs are also linked to Wikipedia entries and free Flickr images. Thanks to the Creative Common license – developed since 2001 – a framework for the utilization of user footage is possible. In the full sense of freely available information hereinVienna provides an exciting insight into Vienna’s open information culture.

If users like a certain spot – which is hardly surprising in the world’s most livable city* – they can share it on Twitter or Facebook.

Here are 5 OGD filters we like:

– Hot Spots of Vienna
– Castles
– Natural monuments
– City walks
– Vienna’s markets

See a detailed data description on

So Version 1 is out in the App-Store. Android will follow soon. But in our development lab we already puzzle on new features.


* Mercer-Studie „Quality of Living 2014“

Marko Göls

Hot springs guide going mobile

The new mobile version of is online! Digitalsunray designed and programmed the new mobile site as well as iOS- and Android app.

The first address for wellness holidays and thermal bath gift coupons jumped on the mobile train and sets a clear focus on their mobile customers providing all relevant information optimized for smartphones. A search function with special interest filtering and a wellness dictionary for the most important wellness-terminologies provide all necessary information for the users.

Both the new mobile website as well as the hybrid-apps for iOS and Android guarantee the best representation in all digital spaces. The optimal balance between effort and user experience guarantees the best result for our client. The state-of the art design from our graphics unit instantly brings the visitors into the proper wellness-mood.

App Download

iPhone App

Android App


Gerhard Guenther

50% Second Screen-Usage according to MMA-Report

The Mobile Marketing Association Austria published its 8th edition of their “Mobile Communications Report 2014” on the mobile usage behaviour in Austria.

82% of all Austrians are using a smartphone and already 37% are owning one or more tablets. Internationa studies show that we spend 2,5 hours per day with our smartphone,  increasingly at home and very often in parallel with other media or devices such as TV. The increasing “second-screen”-usage changes the communication clearly towards “omni-screen”. Mobile advertising and integrated convergent campaign planning will be a must in the future communication mix of every business.



Gerhard Guenther

Top 5 Mobile Marketing Campaigns June

Digitalsunray is celebrating another top 5 position of June’s mobile marketing campaigns — elected via mobilemarketingwelt.

Depending on the day of promotion users got 3 different versions of interaktive HTML5 interstitial and preload ads of McDonald’s new wraps at a special reducued price. Users could tear off the packaging of the wrap via a touch-event thus getting to the special wrap offer:


Top 5 campaigns in June:

Gerhard Guenther pushing mobile ads with Digitalsunray, Austria’s leading classifieds portal, focuses on mobile advertising solutions and new innovative formats together with Digitalsunray.

According to Jochen Schneeberger, Marketing-Sales Manager of, summertime is driving the mobile usage as many people are on their ways outdoors. In May 2014 more than 1.6 millionen unique clients generated more than 9 million visits and 180 millionen page impressions mobil only on This puts at the top of Austria’s most frequently used publisher platforms. offers different mobile advertising formats such as mobile banners, interstitials, sticky ads, HTML 5 banners and an interactive cube ad via Digitalsunray’s advertising solution ADvantage. Austria’s leading insurance company UNIQA is currently running an interactive cube ad campaign of Digitalsunray on the app.


Gerhard Guenther

Cannes Lions 2014: Shortlist Mobile Lions

Great success at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2014: Digitalsunray together with DDB Vienna managed to get a shortlist nomination for the mobile lions for Henkel and their brand Pattex.

Our entry titled “Rubberbad AD″ was on of 116 entries that managed to get on the mobile lions shortlist 2014 out of 1.187 entries in total from all over the world.


Gerhard Guenther

Gold Medal at Golden Award of Montreux

The Golden Award of Montreux is an independent forum committed to improving the standard of creative excellence. It is the kick of of a series of creative competitions in Europe each year.

Digitalsunray was awarded a Gold Medal at their first entry together with DDB Tribal Vienna!

Gold was awarded for the Henkel/Pattex “Rubberband Ad” in the category Digital / Interactive:

Main category digital/ interactive Winners 2014


Try it out yourself:


The jury 2014 consisted of personalities from 19 countries, among them CEOs of advertising agencies, Creative Directors, Global Marketing and Communication Managers of international clients, Media Designers, Professors of Communications and Directors, evaluating entries in 7 main categories: TV/Cinema, Print, Poster, Direct Marketing, Digital / Interactive, Media and Event.


For further PR see:


Gerhard Guenther

Top 5 Mobile Marketing Campaigns April

The portal mobilemarketingwelt publishes the top 5 Mobile Marketing campaigns at the end of each month. This happend as well in April.

Digitalsunray managed to jump onto the podium with it’s Big Mac Pick Up Game for the Big Mac campaign of McDonald’s Austria!
Congrats to the whole team!!!


All top 5 campaigns see here. Have fun!

Gerhard Guenther

Henkel/Pattex Rubberband Ad: Finalist Award for DDB & Digitalsunray

The New York Festivals International Advertising Awards ended with a Finalist Awards nomination for DDB Tribal Vienna and Digitalsunray in the category Digital/Household Products & Services for Henkel/Pattex with the Rubberband Ad.


Pattex advertises it’s all purpose glue with ‘superstrong – under every condition’. We went on to prove that this claim even applies to mobile phone interfaces.


We used the ‘rubberband effect’ which signals the end of scrolling on mobile devices and used the free space for the ad.


The ad was based on a special JavaScript code implemented in websites. As there was no app needed, we could reach every single user of the targeted mobile sites.



Furhter PR see as well:


Gerhard Guenther

Big Mac Pick Up – Digitalsunray Media setzt Online Game für McDonald’s Österreich um

Mit dem Big Mac Pick Up Game wird die Big Mac Kampagne von McDonald’s Österreich spielerisch unterstützt und für die mobile, Tablet und Desktop-Nutzung optimiert.

McDonald’s Österreich rückt mit der Big Mac Kampagne seinen Burger-Klassiker in den Mittelpunkt. Unterstützt wird diese Kampagne von einem von Digitalsunray Media umgesetzten Responsive Cross-Plattform Game, bei dem man im Stil der bekannten Dots-Game Mechanik Zutaten sammeln bzw. verbinden muss, um Big Macs zusammenzustellen. Erreicht man eine gewisse Punkteanzahl, erhält man während des Promotion Zeitraums durch Registrierung einen Gutschein für einen Big Mac um 2 Euro. Mittels Sharing und Social Highscore via Facebook kann man sich mit seinen Freunden messen. Das Spiel speichert auch den aktuellen Spielstatus, somit kann ein in der U-Bahn begonnenes Spiel auch am Desktop-PC oder Tablet später fertiggespielt werden.

Das hochgradig ansteckende Spiel kann unter gespielt werden.

Digitalsunray bleibt damit nach dem erfolgreichen Start des Dr. Oetker Pizzaburger Games im März 2014 weiter im Burger-Fieber.

Mehr Infos unter:

Marko Göls

RoboCop – Mobile Microsite

Zum Start des neuen Blockbusters RoboCop wurde von Digitalsunray für STUDIOCANAL eine auf dem Konzept des sogenannten Movie-Kits basierende Microsite entwickelt, um den mobilen Bedürfnissen der Kinofans Rechnung zu tragen.

Das von Digitalsunray speziell für die Filmindustrie entwickelte Konzept des Movie-Kits ermöglicht das bausteinartige Zusammenfügen von Website-Elementen wie Video-Container, Menüführung, Social Media Integration, etc.
So kann in wenigen Schritten schnell und einfach eine responsive Kampagne sowie Microsite (online und mobile) für rasche virale Promotionaktivitäten zusammenstellt werden.

Vorlage auswählen – Content einfügen – ACTION!

Für unsere mobile RoboCop Microsite wurden wir von Mobile Marketing Welt unter die TOP 5 Mobile Marketing Kampagnen Februar 2014 gewählt!

Marko Göls

ADvantage is IAB compliant!

Digitalsunray is proud to announce that we have completed the process for our rich media advertising SDK & framework ADvantage to become an IAB (International Advertising Bureau) certified company. The IAB Compliance Seal is the official tool to ensure customers and potential customers know your products are compliant with IAB standards and guidelines.

The IAB’s Compliance Seal program assures advertisers that their brands are safe and offers transparency to the marketplace enabling agencies to quickly and easily run creative across applications from different publishers.

As part of the compliance process, Digitalsunray conducted an intensive internal audit of its rich-media SDK ADvantage and assigned a dedicated test team to meet the stringent criteria set forth in the IAB’s Compliance Seal program.

IAB standards and guidelines give advertisers and their agencies the ability to develop advertising content with consistent specifications that are accepted by most leading interactive publishers. This leads to greater efficiencies for the digital ad-creation and media-buying communities, thereby increasing the value of doing business with IAB compliant publishers.

Read more…

Hannes Harborth

In eigener Sache

Marko Göls verstärkt unser Team und übernimmt das Management aller Mobile- und Online Projekte. Marko bringt langjährige Erfahrung im Projektmanagement und der Managementberatung mit und wird mit seinem umfangreichen Know-how neben der operativen Projektleitung auch strategische Themen forcieren. Wir freuen uns, Marko willkommen zu heißen und wünschen Alles Gute!

Marko Göls

Study: Trends in mobile advertising

IAB commissioned this study from Ovum surveying 300 top-level brand marketing executives, all of whom are currently using mobile in their media mix.

— German version only —

Die wichtigsten Entwicklungen im Mobile Advertising Bereich sind hier Responsive Design, HTML5 und native Bewerbung – also das Ausspielen von Werbemitteln auf Smartphones und Tablets. Die wichtigsten Smartphone-Features sind Location- und Navigationsfunktionen, NFC (Near Field Communications) und die Unterstützung von hochauflösenden Videos.

Mit der neuen Version von ADvantage – der Mobile & Cross-Plattform Lösung für die zielgruppenspezifische Bereitstellung von Werbeformen – trägt Digitalsunray diesen Anforderungen Rechnung. ADvantage 2.0 – eingebaut in native Apps für iOS, Android und Windows Phone – unterstützt Rich Media Werbeformen, responsive HTML5-Banner und diverse native Funktionen von Smartphones wie GPS, Gyrometer, Kompass oder Accelerometer.



Gerhard Guenther

IAB WebAd 2013

Und da ist sie auch schon wieder vorbei, die WebAd-Gala 2013 des IAB Austria. Als Jurymitglied in der Kategorie Media musste ich mich ja bis zu diesem Abend in Schweigen hüllen. Aber nun ist es offiziell, die Katze aus dem Sack. In den Kategorien beste Mediaidee, beste Mediastrategie, beste Social Media-Kampagne, beste Mobile Kampagne, beste Online Werbeidee, beste Werbestrategie sowie effizienteste Kampagne wurden aus der bisher größten Anzahl an einreichenden Agenturen insgesamt 5 x Gold, 8 x Silber und 8 x Bronze übergeben.

Gleich zweimal Gold für die beste Mediaidee sowie die effizienteste Kampagne sicherte sich „Ja!Natürlich Naturprodukte“ gemeinsam mit Demner, Merlicek und Bergmann und OMD. ‘Abräumer’ des Abends war allerdings die Agentur Holzhuber mit 1 x Silber und 4 x Bronze.

Die glamouröse Show – moderiert von Roman Rafreider – stand unter dem Motto „Agenten“ und glänzte mit dem Who-is-who der Digitalbranche.



Lisa Schumlitsch

FIGHT IT! – Garnier HTML5 responsive website

Check out our latest work – the new GARNIER “Hautklar Aktiv” website! Upload a picture of yourself, position the fighting stripes on your face and take part in the contest!

We already had a lot of fun during the testing phase… 😉

The responsive HTML5 site, developed with a lot of passion, creativity and challenges, now runs on desktop, tablet and mobile devices (Android/iOS) and already led 70 people to fight their skin problems on a picture!

To push the contest, a mobile campaign which targets youngsters from 15-25, has been set up. Creation and media planning as well as consulting was executed by our team.

Do you dare to fight?

Hannes Harborth

Event “Trends in Mobile Security”


CMG-AE Tagung “Trends in Mobile Security” 3. Oktober 2013, 9.00 – 16.00

Anlässlich des “European Cyber Security” Monats veranstalten die CMG-AE (Computer Measurement Group – Austria & Eastern Europe) eine Tagung zum Thema “Trends in Mobile Security” am 03.10.2013 in Wien. Das finale Programm steht noch nicht, Anmeldungen sind aber bereits hier möglich.


Marko Göls

Out of the ADvantage laboratory

Time is on my side – for the Rolling Stones this is still amazingly true.

But in commercially driven projects with customers, who can’t wait to get a product and developers, who proudly want to ship their masterpiece, this is truly false.
And as the release date of the brand new ADvantage 2.0 is very close, we want to share some highlights of the product here.

There are several cool topics to talk about – starting from our new development process, which made the new product even more customer-driven, to the new concepts, which are possible to implement, when developing a product from scratch. Yes, we completely revamped ADvantage based on the extensive know-how and learnings we collected over the years while deploying this software at client’s side.

Many improvements and technical innovations are nearly ready for shipment to utilize our client’s business:

*drum roll*

Read more…

Gerhard Guenther

Microsoft und Nokia

Während Europa schlief, wurde die Tech-Branche an der US-Westküste wieder einmal ordentlich durchgerüttelt: Microsoft kauft Nokias Device-Sparte.

Wie beide Unternehmen Montag abends mitteilten übernimmt Microsoft die Devices & Services-Sparte von Nokia und zwar für schlappe 3,79 Milliarden US-Dollar plus weitere 1,65 Milliarden für Patente. Die Transaktion soll dem Vernehmen nach im ersten Quartal 2014 abgeschlossen sein und spült Microsoft alle Nokia Smartphone-Brands in die eigenen Reihen.

Stephen Elop, aktueller Nokia-Chef, der ja schon als Kandidat für den Microsoft-Chefposten gehandelt wird, wird künftig die Sparte bei Microsoft führen. Sein Interims-Nachfolger wird Risto Siilasmaa.

Traurig eigentlich, was vom einstigen Highfligher und ehemaligen Gummistiefelproduzenten Nokia nun noch übrig bleibt: die Netzwerkinfrastruktur sowie die Maps Services “HERE”. Mehr dazu kann Microsoft und The Verge nachgelesen werden.

Barbara Titz

Lost / not lost in Tuscany

How I fell in love with Italy and my smartphone all over again.

Tuscany: Breathtaking landscapes, great food, excellent wines …

It’s beautiful there but I have to tell you, it’s also the place “where the streets have no names” and you get lost very easily. We were just driving for 2 hours from the airport to our accommodation but our rented car didn’t include a navigation system … we panic!

So thank god for smartphones and google-maps! (then when you’re really close, ask an old man taking a walk and try to figure out what he just said in very quick italian (there’s an app for that, too) …)

Read more…

Marko Göls

Diversity Management for Smartphones?

Diversity is in the nature of Mother Nature. But how about mobile devices and does it have an impact on my business?

Well – at this stage this might be already the wrong question. As there are more than 6,500 (and still growing) different models of mobile devices out there. All capable of bringing brand experience via websites to its users.

Device fragmentation is growing – that’s for sure. As this situation is no issue for native apps, the provider of mobile websites and portals have to deal with this situation. Due to the fact that different devices from different vendors have their own interpretation of how to display content (or even refuse to show certain content formats), it is crucial for website owners to know visitor’s device capabilities.

Read more…

Gerhard Guenther

Digitalsunray goes Berlin

Digitalsunray ist ab sofort mit einer Office-Dependance in Berlin vertreten, genauer gesagt in der Torstraße. Warum Berlin, ganz einfach, Berlin ist der Hub für Start-ups und Netzwerker, welche auch den Standort Berlin in den letzten Jahren massiv in Stilfragen bewegt und verändert haben.

Wir freuen uns schon auf spannende Zeiten!


Unser Mann sowie Koordinaten in Berlin:

Oliver Koch-Pahl (


Digitalsunray Media GmbH, Berlin Office, Torstrasse 33/35, 10119 Berlin