Marko Göls

Mobile first – Compass Navigation for WU Executive Academy

Digitalsunray develops completely new navigation concept for leading business school WU Executive Academy and breaks with classic responsive list view design.

The holy grail of web design – responsive design – was abused in the last years for nearly every content. Users have to scroll through endless list views of unstructured information – and are rewarded with thumb arthrosis. Possibilities and limitations of information presentation for smartphones was neglected. Time for Digitalsunray to question this concept and focus on the mobile usage of websites.

Within the last years a new concept for user navigation and interaction design was created by Digitalsunray’s design think tank. Nearly one year ago I posted here, that something new arises on the horizon. All the more it makes me very happy, that the WU Executive Academy is utilizes our concept for their newly refurbished website at www.executiveacademy.at.

The question I asked was not a complete attack on responsive design. It was more about the fact, that this concept was used for each and every content without even thinking. Just to make cost efficient websites. The examination with our “Mobile First” approach enabled the WU Executive Academy to internally rethink their content strategy, which ended in a clear goal. Emotionalize the target group to leverage the related possibilities to boost conversions.

Mobile First Navigation Concept

With the compass navigation the user can swipe to 4 directions. Each “point of the compass” is related to a specific topic. At WU Executive Academy it is “programs”, “topic overview”, “About” and “News & Events”. An own menu item allows the user to switch between image slide shows and structured text view. Together with a “context action” menu item for call-to-action options the conversion is further enhanced.

We are very happy to offer these new concept to our clients, which is applicable to many use cases!

Details: Press release, 07.03.2016

07. 03. 2016